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AF “Kyiv Audit Service” based on the registration with the Audit Chamber No. 2128 provides auditing services to legal entities and individuals.

Based on the Decision of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market (certificate No. 0116) the Company is entitled to audit financial institutions.

Due to the availability in the experts of our company of certificate (№0003174) CAP (Certified Accountant Practioner) we are able to prepare financial statements in accordance with the International Accounting Standards in four languages. On May 2013 based on the Decision No. 271/8 the Audit Chamber of Ukraine confirmed the company’s successful passing of the quality control. The professional risks of the AF “Kyiv Audit Service” activity are insured with the IC “Alfa Insurance”.

Statutory audit

Statutory audit is an annual mandatory verification of entity’s financial reporting, including:

  • public joint stock companies;
  • financial non-banking institutions (credit unions, pawnshops, insurance companies, etc.);
  • issuers of securities (stocks, bonds, etc.);
  • entities for which the statutory audit is provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

When you enter into an agreement for the statutory audit with our audit firm, you can be sure that the examination of the accounting system will be performed in accordance with our strict in-house standards developed on the basis of the international auditing standards.

The audit plan and program determine the nature, timing and extent of the scheduled audit procedures required for the statutory audit.

Our company provides a full range of statutory audit services.


Issue-related voluntary audit

It is held at the initiative of the management of the enterprises to identify errors in accounting, reporting, detect objects of taxation and charging taxes and fees, practical recommendations for their adjustment:

  • Authorized fund audit;
  • Budget settlements audit;
  • Fixed assets audit;
  • Depreciation deductions audit;
  • Payroll audit;
  • Cash transactions audit;
  • Currency transactions audit;

Related services

  • Transformation of financial statements prepared in accordance with the national accounting standards into statements prepared in accordance with the international accounting standards (IFRS, GGAP), including in English.
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation of tax returns for individuals. Including for the purpose of investment abroad (buying real estate, etc.).


Tax planning

Development of individual base erosion schemes using:

  • existing tax laws;
  • international agreements on avoidance of double taxation;
  • tax-exempt non-resident companies (OFFSHORE);
  • Individual developments and customer experience;
  • Hidden opportunities of unregulated points in the current legislation.


Tax audit and tax advocacy

One of the most popular types of services today is the voluntary audit (agreed procedures).

In order to avoid the tax audit by surprise, you will need the services of a professional auditor. This is especially true for those enterprises in which there were a change in leadership and chief accountant and the owners want to be absolutely sure of the correct calculation of all taxes and mandatory payments. Tax audit allows us to construct an optimal system of charging tax on the company as a whole, avoiding both penalties and overpayments. During this work the auditor checks the following:

whether the tax reporting for the previous periods is accurate; -

whether the procedure of calculation and payment of taxes conforms to the applicable law;

whether it is possible to minimize the tax burden on legal grounds.


audit of individual sectors in accounting is possible.

Audit of individual transactions may include verification of accounts receivable and payable, audit of fixed assets and other assets.

We also have an extensive practice in defending clients before the tax authorities during the preliminary examination.


Subscription accounting service. Outsourcing.

The range of accounting services proposed by our auditing firm includes the complete accounting of your company, as well as maintenance of individual areas, including reporting to all institutions or staff payroll. Our experts can restore the accounting and registration for taxation of your company, submit the specified reports, as well as arrange properly the accounting process in your company.


Arrangement for accounting

Setting up (organization) of accounting at the enterprise includes the following:

  • detailed study of your company’s specifics at the time of arrangement;
  • analysis of taxes due and their quantitative assessment;
  • development of optimal legal schemes of taxation;
  • development of basic principles and methods of accounting and registration for taxation, as represented by the accounting policies of your organization for the purposes of accounting and taxation;
  • development of instructions on documenting all areas of accounting and taxation in compliance with law;
  • improving the structure of the accounting department in the company, development of regulations for employees of the accounting department;
  • analysis, formalization, organization, optimization of the document management system at the enterprise, including the development of additional accounting registers;
  • optimal in terms of labour costs accounting organization through its automation.

We provide accounting support and servicing of the enterprises, NGOs and representative offices of non-residents. Accounting services and support can be provided both on a regular and one-time basis.

Using the accounting services of our audit firm you can be assured of timely and complete delivery of all forms of accounting and tax reporting, funds, statistics agencies and other institutions.


The range of accounting support and maintenance services includes the following:

  • checking the availability, validity and relevance of the primary accounting and tax documents with the legislation;
  • execution of the primary accounting and tax documents;
  • charging of taxes and other mandatory payments;
  • analytical and synthetic accounting of the accounting all or individual sections;
  • compiling registers of accounting and taxation;
  • execution of bank and cash transactions, staff documents;
  • development of standard contracts, execution of the relationships with customers;
  • generation of all forms of accounting and tax reporting.


Reconstruction of accounting

The purpose of a comprehensive or partial (by sections) reconstruction of accounting - arrangement of all company’s documents as required by law. In order to minimize the adverse financial consequences related to the violation of law in the previous periods, the procedure of financial and tax accounts reconstruction can be accompanied by the submission of the specified tax returns, corrected forms of the financial statements.


Consultations on accounting

Consultations on accounting as one of the types of our services for accounting support and servicing organizations is an integral part of the accounting maintenance process at each enterprise.

Professional consultations on accounting will allow you settling promptly all the problems and answer any questions that you have in the course of business. The consultations on accounting can be provided on a regular (subscription) basis or one-time basis (as needed).

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