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In our regular work with the clients we are not limited to the narrowly specialized services. We approach to our clients’ issues comprehensively in all aspects of their business activities. For almost two decades of K.A.C. Group activity we have supported a lot of large-scale projects for the organization and structuring of the complex export-import contracts, sale and purchase of businesses, attracting foreign strategic investors and external financing.

Given out vast experience we can offer our services in the areas of our specialisation:

  • “pre-sale”, preparation of business, including the generation of company’s “ value”;
  • expert analysis at the purchase of business on the basis of the economic and legal audit of the entity;
  • support of M & A transactions;
  • development of business plans and investment projects;
  • designing schemes in export-import transactions, optimal in terms of tax costs and optimization of financial flows.
  • consulting on purchase of business (real estate) abroad in terms of changes in the legislation of Ukraine, EU-countries and USA with regard to the disclosure of beneficiaries and sources of their income;
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