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The forensic economic expertise under the Law “On legal expertise”,  Law “On Advocacy”, Law “On Enforcement Proceeding” and Regulations “On the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations” can be carried out on behalf of:

  • advocates;
  • defenders and persons who defend their own interests;
  • notaries;
  • customs;
  • at the request of the companies, organizations and individuals


based on the expert examination results the written expert’s opinion is compiled, which according to the Criminal Procedure and Commercial Procedure Code constitutes the integral part of the evidence in court proceedings. The “Kyiv Audit Service” based on the Certificate No. 785 issued by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has three qualifications in the field of forensic and economic expertise in the following areas:

  • Forensic accounting expert
  • Judicial finance and credit expert
  • Judicial economic and financial expert


Upon customers inquiries our experts can prepare expert opinions on the following issues:

  1. Forensic accounting expert examination:
  • documentary justification of recording inventory, cash, fixed assets and securities;
  • compliance with the legislation of the tax records of income and expenses for financial and business operations subject to taxation;
  • records compliance of accounting and tax accounting financial and business operations with the requirements regulations.
  1. Judicial finance and credit expert examination:
  • documentary evidence of registration and recording of transactions on issuance, use and repayment of loans;
  • compliance of financial and business operations records with the requirements of regulations governing the accounting and reporting and existing legislation;
  • documentary evidence of registration and recording of financial and banking business.
  1. Judicial economic and financial expert examination:
  • Documentary justification, analysis of indicators of financial condition, feasibility of settlements with debtors and creditors;
  • Documentary justification of settlements under privatization and lease issues, compliance of the existing methods with the property value;
  • Documentary justification of settlements for property share in case of the member withdrawal from the founders.


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