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Company registration in Ukraine or abroad is a mere statistical fact. The main thing is the economic sense of this fact. The main thing is to maximize profits, minimize tax losses, lower costs in principle, optimize financial flows. The implementation of these objectives is not possible without the relevant, actually registration, options. Based on our years of experience of working with clients, we offer the following services to support the international business:


  1. Services of the nominee shareholders and directors.
  2. Accounting and auditing of the European companies (Cyprus, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia).
  3. Transfer of the companies from offshore to non-offshore areas.
  4. Arrangement of the  representative offices in Europe, Asia and United States with mail forwarding,  receiving and dispatch of faxes, e-mails, and establishing the Web sites.
  5. Consultations on the arrangement and purchase of business abroad.
  6. Lawyer and notary services abroad. Certification by Apostille.
  7. Services of attorneys and trust managers.
  8. Consultations with regard to the opening of investment accounts with banks of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey, Guernsey, United States, Great Britain.
  9. Submission to the foreign banks. Developing the necessary client’s “history”. Passing the compliance procedure.
  10. Outsourcing of work with the bank. Sustaining listing under “compliance” procedure. Preparation of documents required by the Bank, correspondence, etc.
  11. European VAT registration (VAT, BTW, MOMS, TVA).
  12. Services of the customs warehouses in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.
  13. Consultations on the application of international treaties on avoidance of double taxation.
  14. Assistance in obtaining a certificate of tax resident status for foreign companies.
  15. Development and audit examination of base erosion schemes using non-resident companies.


For more information on the provision of the specified services,visit: vg@kac.relc.com

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